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It’s Pretty Simple

Written By: Ed - Jul• 12•13
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If anyone is following the Zimmerman Trial, you’ll hear a lot of spin and nonsense.

How Trayvon was a good kidTrayvon-Martin

or a bad kid,

trayvon-martin-fingera kid who just smoked a little pot or a kid that was involved in drugs or gangs. You’ll hear Zimmerman was a guy trying to fight crime, and you’ll hear about how he already had been arrested three times for fighting (once with a cop).  How he is a judge’s son and good guy, or about how he felt privileged and only being a judge’s son allowed him to get that gun permit after his arrests. Zimmerman will show up looking clean cut

Zim2and his defense team will paint Trayvon as a hooded gang member.

Trev2  The prosecution will show Zimmerman as the wanna-be tough guy

Zim1and paint Trayvon as an average teen.

031612-national-trayvon-martin  Truthfully, almost all of it will be true to some point.

It doesn’t really matter.

Its pretty simple: If a black man followed a white teen around a black neighborhood, even if it was because he said thought the kid was up to no good, we would be suspicious of the black man’s motives. If the white kid got worried he was being followed and jumped the black guy following him, we’d all be saying we understood and it was justified.

If the armed black guy that had been following the white kid around pulled his gun and killed him, he would have been arrested that night and there would be little national debate.

If it were two blacks, or two whites, it would not be up for national debate.

This is national news only because the police looked the other way and did nothing and the feds had to step in to get a thorough investigation. It is not a question of whether Trayvon jumped Zimmerman for following him or whether Zimmerman continued to follow Trayvon after being told to go home. Quite frankly, if I were being followed, was unsure of who or why, and had the opportunity to jump the guy and knock him around I probably would do so too. Even if Trayvon did do that, it does not excuse the use of force that took his life as the incident started when Zimmerman decided to get a gun and go looking for trouble.

It is not about protecting one’s property or guarding one’s castle. I’d be supporting a guy who shot someone breaking in, or if he got into a fight after seeing someone breaking in to his neighbor’s house. That is not the case here. It is not about gun rights or controls.  It is whether or not an armed citizen can go around following / harassing people, and if by doing so he caused a death. This is not a typical neighborhood patrol where the threat of being seen committing a crime is a deterrent. It is a man taking it upon himself to act as an armed police force.  I feel safer knowing my streets are patrolled. If I were in a bad area, I might even feel safer if I were armed.  But did Zimmerman make anyone safer by arming himself and going out looking for trouble?


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  1. Shirley says:

    I am so happy I was reading a good blog, i was worried as I started to read. I agree with you and hope the jury also is thinking clearly and realizes what is right and deliver the right verdict.

  2. Ed says:

    First off, thanks. Secondly, I agree wholeheartedly. Both sides will use spin and rhetoric to distract from the case, trying to make the verdict some type of referendum on a larger issue. To do so would do neither Zimmerman or Trayvon any good, nor the country. It is, well, pretty simple. If – even under the guise of protecting his neighborhood – a man goes out with a gun looking for trouble and finds it, is he participatory in the trouble that results. He didn’t come across a crime, he helped facilitate one where there would not have been one. I don’t see how he can just walk away from a death that he caused. This is far different than his being jumped while walking home and defending himself. Again, thanks for the comment(s)!

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